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The times, they have a’ changed...
We’ll provide you with the 21st-Century’s "Missing Manual"

Adult Computer Literacy Training Interventions

professional computer education for Seniors, technophobes, and ALL ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS

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Is Your Worst Nightmare The Achievement Of The “Paperless World”?

you are DEFINITELY NOT ALONE and we gently help fix the barriers that have been holding you back

TECHNOPHOBIA 101 OR, “HOW I learned to stop hating computers and love the bomb”*Thanks , Peter Sellers as Dr. Strangelove (1964)

Do You suffer from technophobia?

Definition of TECHNOPHOBIA * noun (pronounced: tek-nəʊˈ-fəʊ-bi-ə)
— tech•no•phobe noun         : fear or dislike of advanced technology or complex devices
— tech•no•pho•bic adjective
especially computers
First Known Use of TECHNOPHOBIA: 1965
“It is the definition of insanity to keep trying the same thing and expect different results.”
If you want new results, you must try something different. Make this time different. Make this the time you finally make it. Each struggling beginner is different. We are different. This time is different because now you have us here to help. It’s no secret formula, just good, common sense and sound experience. Here’s exactly how we’re different and how we’ve gently gotten different and life-changing results for our clients in Greater Toronto and Mississauga since 2001.
Our “Secret” Success Formula: Exceptional Qualifications On Multiple Levels +
Proven Real World Computer Industry Skills +
Demonstrated Adult Teaching Experience +
Experienced “Technophobe Whisperer” +
Unique Learning Method Customized for Mature Absolute Beginners +
COMPLETE Computer Beginner Care In A Single Reliable Place =


Meet Pete, Your Tutor and Tech Tour Guide To The 21st Century

Pete Shears, B.A. (Comp. Sci.), CIC (PCLaw),
Specialized Computer Literacy Training Consultant
Certified Computer Support Specialist,
LexisNexis Certified Independent Consultant,
Computer Generalist and Technophobe Whisperer,
Owner, Best 4 Beginners Computer Training
and WagonTrain I. T. Solutions

(a 1-stop tech shop 4 lawyers)

“At Best 4 Beginners we’re qualified to teach computer skillsto just about anyone...
...we just like Beginners Best”

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There are lots of reasons why
Best 4 Beginners Computer Training
is unique and gets results
when all else has disappointed:

How We Are So Very
Successfully Different...

Remember back in school that teacher
that you just didn’t like? Most of us had
one. Looking back now, how much did
you learn in that class?
Our “Street Cred”.
We’ll NEVER treat you like a job because
to us it is a joy and an honour to teach
and change lives. Find out how some
that “CAN” actually “do” still choose to
teach anyway.
Our Holistic Approach
For most mature adults stilll strugging
with computers, there are usually
multiple and complex reasons why. The
“memorize where to click” approach is
doomed to disappoint.
Our 1-Call Complete Care
Would you like to be independent and
not have to call friends or loved ones
when you get stuck? We offer onsite and
remote complete care from the owner or
our team of specialists.
Our Track Record
Peter is one of the best computer guys I've
ever encountered. He took time for an
in-depth orientation, to get to know me, my
strengths, my weaknesses, goals, and require-
ments.  He explained what he could and could
not do. He tailored the way he taught me
according to my absorption pattern.  He
monitors progress from the customer's point
of view.  He is personable, the kind of
friendly, thoughtful, "real" person you like
to be around.  It's easy to begin to think
of Peter as a friend as well as a teacher
and problem solver. And he follows up. 
Based on my experience - and I'm a guy of
74 who owned his own directory publishing
business for 25 years and is now engaged in
research as an author - Peter is a good bet
for anyone looking to improve their
computer and internet productivity, and
enjoy the process.  As far as I'm concerned,
Peter is outstanding in his field." 
-Barrie Zwicker, Toronto
Author, Towers of Deception
News Announcement! Now We’re Bringing Help To ALL Beginners Not Just Toronto!
Expanded Coverage Area
We Have Expanded Our Onsite
Coverage Area

We now give lessons and tech support not
just in the wide GTA and Mississauga, but
now also Scarborough, Richmond Hill,
Vaughan, Concord, Markham, and even further
West of Mississauga.
Remote Services
Remote Lessons & Tech Support
For those out of our area, we will connect
with your computer remotely and provide
you with a lesson by phone or our
students can even schedule a remote tech
support or computer tweak session.
Our Online Resource Area
Information Resources 4 ALL
Absolute Beginners & Skills

We weren’t satisfied being the very Best
4 Beginners in Toronto. Now we have
original resoureces online
“What a great gift!” idea
Are You Here Looking On Behalf of
a Loved One or Maybe Gift Shopping?
Why Not Give The Gift of Reconnection
Through Basic Computer Literacy?
We Even Handle Gifts From Overseas.
Intensive Individual Academic Interventions
Specialists in delivering professional, intensive, 1-on-1,
academic interventions to deliver Basic Computer Literacy and
21st-Century "Digital Lifeskills" for Seniors, Career-Upgraders,
"Technophobes", Boomers, Zoomers, and
ALL Struggling Absolute Computer Beginners.

Gentle Like A Butterfly. Useful Like A Bee.
(*with apology and nod to to legendary boxer and activist Mohanmmed Ali)